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Old Earth holds many secrets; some are obvious and ordinary but some others are incredibly cryptic and secretive only to be found if someone seeks extensively the underlying structures of ancient cultures and doctrines. But resurfacing such secrets don’t mean deciphering and understanding them thoroughly; there should be a reason behind them to keep them as a secret and if understanding is required, inhuman endeavor is expected to decipher their content. Of course searchers of long lost, arcane knowledge may find much more than expected to be. These findings may be glorious, wondrous and marvelous but it has to be kept in mind that there are things which were not, which are not and which shall not be good for mankind. And, even if the inevitable end is going to be a catastrophe, sometimes it is good to be unaware of it.

It was a boringly dull and cold November day when our protagonist, police detective Howard E. Loreid, got a a new case which he is expected to find a fugitive murder suspect, a private detective he always wanted to meet in person; Loath Nolder. This very case would change his life into something even language alone is not sufficient to describe . If you ask him, he would probably say he was a lucid dreamer or had a sleep disorder like sleep paralysis or night terror. But sometimes the line between the waking world and the dreams are odiously blurred. It is not always easy to say the real world is actually “real” and dreams are the products of our own experiences projected into the very fabric of our subconsciousness.

Loath Nolder was a venerated private detective who had a lot of successfully solved cases. His reputation preceded him and thus he become well-known all over the Wellsmoth. But, his last case compelled him suspend his job and urge him to travel to African and Oceania countries. He lived with the native people there -some of whom are cannibals- who normally did not welcome strangers . From tribe shamans and sorcerers, he learned a lots of things, including about himself. When he returned, he was no longer the person he used to be. His appearance and way of thinking changed drastically and he had developed a skin disease which looks like eczema or skin cancer which never completely understood. When he was back, he did not contact anyone and continued his investigations all alone. He strangely accepted a case brought him by Clark Field, a successful businessman well known all around Wellsmoth. Not much to a surprise, Loath Nolder mysteriously involved in some unlawful events which leaves him as a latent murder suspect.
Now as a police detective, it is Howard’s turn to find why this venerated private investigator becomes an outlaw, who is he and why he had disappeared in the first place.

Now Howard, as an ordinary man, must face dire truths hidden and sleeping for aeons. Soon he will find all this is just a tip of an iceberg


* Various different places to see:
In order to find clues and solve events, player travels through many different places including shiny and vivid outdoors, dark gloomy and mysterious underground passages, an old sinister mansion, strange ruins, and an old witch cemetery.

* Gruesome and beautiful dynamic environments:
Life is scattered around the game world. Player can always catch a small detail to feel it. All environments are completed with sky, water, fog and aerial events like rain and snow. Lit with flares, torches, sun shine and moon light. Living things around, make the places lived and sometimes dreadful.

* Interactive and engaging puzzles:
Players should generate different ways to get clues out of objects and situations, and solve the puzzles which are blended seamlessly into the story. Clicking, dragging, rotating, using, combining and zooming are all required.

* An all new thinking system, firstly seen in the adventure genre:
All clues and thoughts should be linked into each other in some way to reach other clues. Player should also consider how to gain ideas from items, people, situations and environment.

* Thrilling, dreadful and interesting storyline:
With the inspiration of the great writer H.P. Lovecraft’s works and the true myths and legends of the old earth, Loath Nolder Labores Solis invites you to play the role of the detective Howard E. Loreid who will face unimaginable dire truths which will soon fall down over the mankind. And he must (as a duty or wish?) find Loath Nolder or shun him.

* Hectic and surprising game process: Unexpected events and fear moments keep the players on their toes.

* Feeling and hearing with your character: Gameplay vision changes according to the main character’s mood and psychological condition. His reactions against the events are both seen and heard.

* Dark and atmospheric music and realistic sound effects:
Compelling soundtrack and atmospheric music completed with disturbing surround sound effects and ambient sounds.

* Friendly and simple user interface:
Click to interact, pick, leave, open and combine. Drag to move items, objects and unify thoughts.